Adoptive Parents

in Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC

Counseling For Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a lifelong journey for everyone involved.  It is not just a one-time event.  Therapy can reduce your feelings of stress, build resilience, increase wellbeing, and strengthen attachment between parents and children.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to begin?  Domestic adoption?  International adoption?  Foster care?


  • How do we handle inappropriate questions, especially when they’re asked in front of our child?


  • How do we equip friends and family members to answer adoption-related questions?


  • What are the effects of trauma, neglect, and abuse on the brain?  Does a child adopted at birth experience trauma?


  • Do you know how you feel about your adopted child eventually seeking out their birth family?

What does therapy look like at Postpartum Wellness?

The counselors at Postpartum Wellness have the insight and experience to competently work with adoptive parents.  Meeting with a counseling specialist can restore the hope, promote attachment, and develop new skills and new understanding.  With counseling, your relationships with others will improve as you begin to implement the techniques to manage your stress.


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"I'm in love with a child I haven't yet met."