Counseling for New Mom Anxiety in

Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC

You're Not Depressed. 

But, You're Not Happy.  What Is It?

  • You can't stop worrying about your baby's health & safety.

  • You can't get your thoughts under control.


  • Your relationship with your partner is hanging on a thread.


  • You feel like you're not being a good mom and your baby's future will be impacted by this.

  • You're afraid that others will discover your true feelings.

Are you asking, "How Will Counseling Help?"

You Are Not Alone.

You Are Not To Blame.

With Help, You Will Be Well.

  • As soon as you meet with our expert counselors, you will immediately feel a sense of calmness and clarity.  


  • You will begin to feel like you can succeed in motherhood.


  • You and your counselor will develop a plan to get more sleep.

  • You will be able to enjoy your own interests, hobbies, and activities again.

  • You will be able to successfully communicate with your partner, friends, and family members.

You Are Not Alone!  We Are Here To Help!

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These Are Your Next Steps:

It may feel like a giant step to contact us, but we make the process as easy as possible.


1.  Schedule your initial appointment through our online client portal or call us at (703) 772-5097.

2.  Meet with a caring and supportive therapist.

3.  Begin the journey toward a more joyful motherhood experience.

Anxiety during pregnancy or following childbirth may be part of your story, but it is possible to enjoy this time in spite of this heavy feeling.  We have successfully helped many mothers find happiness again!  You deserve support through this process and we can help!


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