Comprehensive Treatment

You are a woman.


You might be longing for a baby but facing the lonely and painful roller coaster of emotions that accompany infertility. 


You might be pregnant, but experiencing complications and wonder, “Am I strong enough for this?”


You might have endured a traumatic delivery because of unwanted medical interventions, emergency procedures, unfriendly nurses or doctors, and scary life-threatening moments.


You might be a mom of a newborn and struggling with depression.  Or, you might not feel sad but you’re restless and cannot stop worrying about things that you know are not likely to occur.

Postpartum Wellness is unique!  In addition to our stand-alone services, Postpartum Wellness offers women a personalized option called "Comprehensive Treatment."  Learn about this effective model and schedule your initial intake appointment today!


Motherhood is complex, and women need different types of services to meet their needs.  An example might be a single mother requesting a night nurse so that she can obtain sleep, however she is also having anxiety about someone else caring for her baby.  When a woman receives services from Postpartum Wellness, she may be meeting with a night nurse, lactation consultant, and counselor on specific goals, while all of her providers are working together coordinating care under one roof.


Every woman that works with us under the "Comprehensive Treatment" option receives a highly individualized treatment program tailored to her individual needs.  After an initial intake appointment, you will be provided with a thorough treatment plan tailored specifically for you.  This plan will identify which therapy style and which services are right for you, as well as how often you will meet and which specific goals you will work to achieve.


Whether or not you decide to follow through with the plan is completely up to you. 



All of us at Postpartum Wellness

have learned that weekly counseling 

simply is not enough for many women

struggling with their transition into motherhood.



Women are complex.  These complexities often get in the way of progress.  Since every woman’s complex situation varies, treatment programs need to vary.    We want you to only participate in the services that will get you feeling better now.  Everything we recommend in your treatment plan will be specifically chosen and designed for you.


Our staff are well-trained, licensed, compassionate, and professional.  You will be supported at Postpartum Wellness.



INVESTMENT:  The cost of the first session for the "Comprehensive Treatment" option is $195 and is non-committal.  This is how you learn more about your specific treatment recommendations.


What happens at the initial appointment?



  • Over the next couple of days, our team of psychotherapists meet to discuss the details of your goals and develop a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.


  • You are scheduled a feedback appointment (online or in-person) to review the details of your proposed treatment plan.  You can also have all your questions answered. 


  • If you decide to continue, you will be scheduled for your next appointment.  If not, you leave with quality information regarding your specific needs and the door remains open for the future.  We can also help guide you with referrals.

If you are undecided on the “Comprehensive Treatment” option, you can alternatively participate in our services individually.



A la Carte Services


  • Support Group

  • Classes

  • Individual Counseling

  • Lactation Support

  • Massage

  • Night Nurse/Newborn Care Specialist



Feel free to browse our services and meet our staff.  If you like something, you can schedule online!


Or, give us a call and we can help you decide which service is right for you.