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The parenting journey can be exhilarating and satisfying, but it can also be a scary and daunting one. We are told that this is supposed to be one of the most joyous times of our lives, however we might feel alone and ashamed if we’re not enjoying parenthood in the way that we thought we would. I have extensive experience working with parents in a number of settings, as well as confronting a variety of difficult and challenging situations. I understand that every parenting experience is unique, and that ultimately, every mother wants to be the best mother that she can be to her child. The good news is that you are already everything that your child needs. I’m here to help you realize your value and gain the confidence and skills to see yourself as the mother you wish and strive to be.

Sometimes our mental health challenges can get in the way of us being fully present with our child. This is a common and natural occurrence for many parents. Seeking therapy to address these challenges is the first step towards improving your parenting experience and gaining the delight and satisfaction that comes with raising a happy and healthy baby.


My approach to therapy is collaborative, nonjudgmental, and empathetic. I truly admire and respect every client’s journey to motherhood. I fully believe that this is the hardest job you may ever have, and that raising a child takes a village. Call me today for a free consultation to see if we would be a good match.