Nobody told you it was going to be this hard.

You’re feeling alone, but you just don’t have the interest or motivation to talk to any of your friends. 


You stay in your pajamas all day because it’s easier than trying to find something that fits. 


You’re feeling like you just want to drive far away because all you want right now is a break.

Why does it look so easy for other moms?

Approximately 15% of women experience significant depression following childbirth.  The percentages are even higher for women who are also dealing with financial stains.  Ten percent of women experience depression in pregnancy.  In fact, depression during pregnancy and postpartum is the most common complication of childbirth.

How Counseling Helps With New Mom Depression...

Your therapist will help you begin to:

  • Break free from the depression spiral

  • Relax and sleep better

  • Build connection and love for your child

  • Use coping strategies when you feel stressed

  • Feel confident as a parent

  • Maintain self-control

  • Think positively and understand your emotions

  • Find wellness and joy

You Are Not Alone.

You Are Not To Blame.

With Help, You Will Be Well.

Let's Get Started!

Seeking help, even short-term, is a sign of strength and bravery.  Our counselors in Northern Virginia will listen to you without judgement and help you succeed through your transition into motherhood.  You are not a failure and you are allowed to get help!

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