Our therapists are available for consultation or coaching for women who do not want or need traditional counseling services.  Do you feel well adjusted?  Happy?  But, you're experiencing a specific situation and need a neutral and supportive person to work through the challenges?

We will work with you to tease out the specifics of your situation, set realistic goals, and develop a plan to reach YOUR goals within a specific timeframe.  This model requires active participation from you.  We do not treat emotional complications such as depression and anxiety in this capacity.  

FemTherapy is solution-oriented problem-solving that can either help you to make practical, fearless, permanent changes in your life circumstances or to come to peace with issues that you have no control over.

(Fem)Therapy Is For You If...

  • You simply require a boost forward to move beyond old patterns that are holding you back.

  • You are a well-adjusted woman who feels “stuck” in some way

  • You are a mother who drives herself too hard

  • You are a mother who wants to restore a sense of well-being in her life

  • You are a women who self-sabotages

  • You are a women in transition

Beginning (Fem)Therapy At Postpartum Wellness:

We know it is a very difficult step to reach out for help.  We make the process very easy.  To begin...


  • Contact Postpartum Wellness to schedule an initial intake appointment.

  • Meet with a supportive and expert counselor.

  • Start your journey toward a more joyful life.