Counseling for Moms of NICU and Preemie Babies

Nobody told you it was going to be this hard.

This isn't what you expected. You wanted to bring your baby home, but now you have to look at an empty bassinet.


It's scary seeing your baby hooked up to tubes and wires.


Regardless of whether you knew that your baby was going to be in the NICU, the feeling of helplessness is too overwhelming.  You weren't prepared for the reality of having a preemie. The good news is: you don't have to navigate this alone. 





A part of you was left behind when you walked out of those hospital doors without your baby.  What do you do with an empty nursery?  Stress and anxiety are common feelings for NICU parents -- but so are other emotions that may not be as easy to explain or understand. Some new moms struggle to bond with their preemies. Especially if they have a traumatic birth or are unable to hold or nurse their premature baby right away. This can lead to feelings of depression, guilt and withdrawal. This may even impact their ability to care for their child once they leave the hospital.


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Seeking help, even short-term, is a sign of strength and bravery.  Our expert counselors will listen to you without judgement and help you succeed through your transition into motherhood.  You are not a failure and you are allowed to get help!

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