What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

Postpartum Wellness has partnered with overnight newborn care specialists to provide new parents throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC with experienced and professional in-home support. Often referred to as a baby doula, postpartum doula, or night nanny, these preferred overnight newborn care specialists are highly-skilled women who provide physical, emotional, and educational support to families with newborns during the weeks and months following birth. From the moment you bring your baby home, these compassionate specialists are there to ease the transition into parenthood by mentoring families with hands-on instruction and expert guidance.

Is a Night Nurse Right For You?

Yes, they're expensive, but baby nurses can be the difference between joy and despair during the first few weeks of new parenthood.

No matter how much joy a new baby brings to your life, the first few weeks at home with a wailing newborn can be stressful, hectic and even bad for a new mom's mental and physical health if she doesn't have the right support. You might still be recovering from delivery or a C-section when you find yourself walking the halls with a crying infant who refuses to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time and has forgotten how to latch on.


Under these circumstances, hiring a professional baby soother to lend a hand, especially at night, makes perfect sense.

A night nanny will help new parents recognize the needs and natural rhythms of their baby. Parents will learn to understand their baby, trust their own instincts, and ultimately gain confidence in their parenting.


Postpartum doulas are skilled in newborn care, soothing techniques, and breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding.


In addition to providing reassurance for new parents, night nannies can also assist with:

Household Organization
Postpartum Recovery
Sibling Adjustment