Counseling for Miscarriage or Stillbirth in Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC


Pregnancy loss might be the most common experience nobody wants to talk about.

Your emotions include...

  • Disbelief

  • Numbness

  • Anger

  • Guilt

  • Sadness

  • Depression

  • Difficulty Concentrating

When something goes wrong, we all stretch to find someone or something to blame.  With pregnancy loss, it leaves us grasping for some way to make sense of what happened.

You might feel angry at your doctor, partner, yourself, or your situation.  You begin to think that the doctors could've done more.  You feel like your partner isn't supporting you the "right way."


We want you to know that miscarriage is not your fault.  

Do You Want To...

  • Understand Why The Pain Is Unbearable

  • Decide If/When To Try Again

  • Feel Connected To Your Partner

  • Make Sense Of It All

The one thing we can tell you is to get help. Talk to our expert counselors about your thoughts and feelings.  If it's too early to talk to us, then try writing down your thoughts.  Find some way to experience these strong feelings but in a safe way.

Free Consultation

Our counselors in McLean, VA and Arlington, VA regularly meet with women following ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and stillbirth.  Pregnancy loss is just like any other loss:  it is painful and it will take time to heal.

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